Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Don't come a knockin' cause I'm being Moroccan

So, two weeks after getting rid of my appendix Craig and I jetted off to Morocco. Now I feel I should confess something now- my geography is bad, really bad. When we booked a holiday to Marrakesh in Morocco, I thought it was part of Spain.... It's not .
Morocco is in North Africa. I discovered this quite quickly and was very excited, we were off on an African adventure.

A friendly stork- there are hundreds of them in Marrakesh.
Didn't see any carrying babies though- very disappointed.

Marrakesh is beautiful, it's a mad City. It's loud, busy, dusty and just generally an assault on the senses. But most of all it was hot.
Over 50 degrees hot. I was melting.

This is the main square where you can see the night market 
just getting set up- this was it quiet!

My smarty pants lives in a kitchen chef boyfriend was fine. He was used to the heat and assured me I would get used to the heat too. I didn't. It took 6 litres of water to get me to walk down a road.

But despite this, I loved Marrakesh. The people were lovely and the Souks (Markets) were incredible. You could literally get lost in them for hours (Craig on the other hand hated this, he likes to know where he is, I on the other hand am constantly lost so very much enjoyed it!)

I wont bore you with all the details of the holiday but here are a few of the highlights;

-The man who threw a snake over Craig's neck shouting picture. sadly, I couldn't see Craig's face cause I was running away!
-The night the power went out and (despite the near death experience of getting home in the dark past mopeds) we had a candle lit swim in the pool
- The Riad we stayed in, it was phenomenal!

This was our hotel- it was perfect.

- The food, tagine, cous cous and kebabs- those Moroccans can eat!
-The cascades of Ozoud, beautiful waterfalls, although the climb up from them almost killed me.
The cascades of Ozoud- totally worth the climb.

Marrakesh is an incredible place, I would love to go back maybe later in the year and not when I still felt a bit rubbish after surgery (I spent a-lot of my holiday napping I am afraid!).

I would suggest a visit to Marrakesh for anyone, it really is an incredible place. But just one work of advice- watch out for smelly camel leather.
Are you talking about me?

While I was there I bought a beautiful camel leather handbag (Yes, poor camel) it is beautiful, hand stitched with a gorgeous design. But when I got it home, I was wearing it and Craig was like: "What's that smell?" I could smell it too- but I didn't know what it was. Soon, I realised the smell was following me around. Then it clicked- it was my handbag. My camel handbag stinks. I mean proper stinks. I can't wear it. I Googled "smelly camel handbag" and guess what? This is quite a common thing. So I followed some advice from Google and have tried to make it less smelly. But so far I have been unsuccessful.

So my advice s if you are going to buy a beautiful Moroccan handbag- give it a sniff first.


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