Wednesday, 22 August 2012

You won't like me when I'm angry

I am generally quite a calm person. Yes, I have my opinions and will tell you them if you ask, but generally I just get on with things. However, this week two men have said things which have made me very angry. And now I am going to have a rant at them because frankly, they have disgusted me.

First let me tell you what they did- t there was American Senate candidate Todd Akin who, with all the sensitivity and intelligence of a toilet brush, said that women could not get pregnant through "legitimate rape."
THEN MP George Galloway said that having sex with a woman while she is asleep, without a condom is not rape, it is merely bad sexual etiquette because she had agreed to sex the night before.

Wow, I mean wow. Now not only are these men extremely insensitive but also extremely uninformed. Dear Mr Akin, you can get pregnant through rape and yes I mean "legitimate rape" as opposed to "illegitimate rape" whatever the hell you think that is. In fact, in the US last year over 200,000 women fell pregnant as the result of rape. To be honest (and I do not condone violence) I hope if any of these women ever walk past you on the street they kick you between the legs.
Don't worry  Mr Akin said he "misspoke" now, I have no idea what that means and it doesn't sound like an apology to me, more a panic of "oh dear I will never get elected now everyone knows what a pig I am..."

So my suggestion to Mr Akin is that he withdraws his candidacy for the senate, donates any of his campaign money left (that is if anyone is still sponsoring him) to a rape support charity and then crawls back into whatever hole he came from so we never have to hear from this insensitive, ill-informed man again.

And then we have Mr Galloway, dear dear man. One thing your statement has made me wonder is about your sexual experiences. Do you often wake to find your partner having sex with you in your sleep? If so, I think you need to talk to someone. Does he think that any woman he has slept with before he can do it again because permission was given once?

After realising that what he said was upsetting a few people (I imagine at least half of planet earth if not many, many more) he clarified what he said: "No never means yes and non-consensual sex is rape. There's no doubt about it and that has always been my position."

So there you go, he is still saying non-consensual sex is not rape, he just seems unsure about how long consensus lasts for. And there is the whole no condom issue- surely if consensus was with protection then that is still in place if consensus does continue- which it does not.

Now, as you can see these two men have upset me. Not because I am a woman, I don't want to hear about how this is a feminist thing, rape is not a feminism thing. This upsets me because I am a human being and rape is a horrific thing which happens to people and the mere fact that these two are so ill-informed and absolutely incapable of considering the feelings of victims genuinely terrifies me.

They are both politicians, one elected and the other trying to get elected. They are suppose to run our countries. Yet they genuinely believe things like this. It's disgusting and has this week, made me very very mad.

Anyway, I feel better now that is off my chest.

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