Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Last week

Hello gorgeous reader,

Since you last heard from me I have been a busy bunny (I hope you haven't missed me too much.) Last week was amazing, I travelled with my auntie to Glasgow to see Take That at hampden, It was AMAZING! I wont bore you for too long with the details but the concert definitely lived up to my expectations and if I got the chance I would go back tomorrow. I would also like to point out that Jason Orange is absolutely gorgeous, yum yum yum. And hearing Take That sing Never Forget was definitely a highlight of my life. It was amazing!!

After Take That I travelled from Glasgow to Edinburgh for a night with five of my favourite people in the whole world to go to a fashion show. The six of us stayed in a hostel (I do not think I am a hostel person, the one we stayed in was damp and sleeping in a room with stranger gives me the heebie jeebiez!) Anyway, after checking into the hostel and getting ready, which was quite eventful in the room we were in with only one mirror and not a-lot of floor space, we headed out in search of food. As we walked along the road a girl behind us shouted on me to stop when I did, she kindly informed me that I had been walking through Edinburgh with my dress tucked into my pants. Not my finest moment.

But anyway, as I said, we went in search of food however due to the time it took us to get ready and our hunter gatherer instinct was way off. So after a fruitless search we had a very classy dinner in a wee pie shop, which was delicious, but sadly involved no cocktails. After our dinner of pie and irn bru, we headed to the fashion show. This was my first fashion show, and most importantly my very dear friend leeanne was showing her work there. It was incredible, I cannot believe she made all of those outfits on her own, it was incredible and showed me what I already knew, that my friend leeanne is a very talented lady.

We then spent the remainder of the night laughing, drinking and just generally having fun. We were only away for one night and it reminded me of something which I think I often take for granted. I am very lucky and gifted to have such amazing friends. A wise person once said, a friendship is not measured by how close you are, but how far apart you can be with things staying the same. I honestly believe that the 5 people I spent my night in Edinburgh with will be with me for the rest of my life. They are 5 truly amazing people and I feel truly lucky and gifted to have them all in my life.

But enough of the soppy stuff, I have had an amazing week. In fact, I have had an amazing month which has left me feeling pretty good about life. I hope you are as happy as me at the moment.

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