Saturday, 11 June 2011

Life after exams

At 1pm on the 16th of May I laid down my pen, rolled my shoulders and heaved a mighty sigh of relief. I had just completed my last ever university exam (unless I failed it, but I don’t want to even think about that.) It was an epic exam and so after it I reached into my hand bag and pulled out a kit-kat chunky and tasted the sweet chocolate taste of victory. Then my fellow journalists-in-training  and myself went to the pub. I stayed there for the next two weeks.

Ok so not quite the next two weeks but with the weather being nice and my newfound freedom from dissertations and studying I did spend a-lot of time in beer-gardens. When I was not sampling fruit and potato based drinks, I discovered the joys of day-time tv. You can ALWAYS find a CSI on. After a month of daily CSI I now have an irrational fear of murder, however I am fairly certain that I could in fact solve my own murder after hours spent watching Grissom and his bugs. I also discovered bondi beach, which is awesome it’s like real life Baywatch in Australia. I have laso spent a-lot of time reading, working my way through my pile of books which would be too distracting when I was ‘studying’.  As well as catching up on books I spent a-lot of time catching up with friends which has been fabulous. Some nights I have been waitressing, trying to make some pennies.
But, loyal reader, I know what you are thinking, this just sounds like she is continuing to live like a student. I fear this is true. There is very little mention of my job hunt or making any sort of positive move on employment. I have been applying for jobs. In fact, I have an inbox of emails explaining that I do not have enough experience. Next letter I get which says this, I am going to write back explaining that I will never get experience until someone gives me some. This is one of my pet hates at the moment. My other is that when I tell people I am going to graduate they ask; any plans for after that? And then oh so how is the job search? Well, if it is 2pm on a Tuesday and I only just rolled out of bed let me give you a clue. No, I do not have a plan and clearly the job hunt is not going well otherwise I would be showered and at a job.

The truth is I finished school and went to university I was going to be a student. But I never really considered what would happen after that. It seemed so very long away. I guess I assumed I was going to get a job as a journalist and maybe one day appear with a bullet proof vest and a helmet in the middle of some war zone shouting over the sound of bullets. Then I would get my Nobel peace prize for the work I did whilst reporting from the Country. But now it is here and to be honest I don’t know what to do, and for a control freak like my-self this is a struggle. But I am ever optimistic that something will come along and I just keep repeating what my Great Granny D used to say, “If something’s for you it will no go by you.”

Anyway, thanks for listening.

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