Friday, 17 June 2011

A week of firsts

I have had quite a week this week and now that I have a moment to catch my breath I will tell you all about it.

My first first in my week of firsts was on Tuesday when I got my first tattoo. I will admit to being a little nervous before hand cause I thought it was going to hurt a-lot. But turns out that getting a tattoo is not sore like stubbing your toe is sore, it is more irritating and hot like something you want to swat away. But it was well worth the hour of irritation because I love it! So this was my first first of the week.

After getting my tattoo I had to patiently wait for my university degree classification to be posted. This is a terrifying experience. I think I almost created a ditch in the floor walking back and forward waiting for the arrival of two of my fabulous uni friends. Finally, they arrived and we headed to the wall. It took us a minute to find the list and then, there was a deafening silence while we read the list and then (now I really hope that there wasn't an exam going on somewhere) there were screams and shouts some of which I am fairly sure only dogs would hear. Basically we all did very well. I,  incredibly, got a 1st. I still cant believe it. When I started uni never in my wildest dreams did I think I would do that well. I am still delighted over the whole thing, but also I feel truly blessed by the reactions of all my family and friends, you are all amazing and I honestly could not have survived the past four years without you. So this was my second first of the week.

Later that night I celebrated had had my first shot of tequila rose, which is delicious by the way! And we danced the night away celebrating our success and discussing how Take That's Never Forget relates to our lives right now!

Finally, my last first came yesterday when I got offered and accepted my first journalism job. Yes, someone wants to pay me to be a journalist- AMAZING! I start in July and do not worry dearest reader, I will keep you updated on my adventures as a crack reporter. Am off to buy my mac and trilby next week in preparation for being a real journalist.

So as you can see, it has been a very exciting week for me and now, to be honest, I am quite tired. But it has been an amazing week, I feel so lucky and would like to thank you all for being there with me for the ride!

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