Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Will you be my. . .

I am so sorry, I know I have not been keeping up to date with my blog. Please forgive me. I promise I will try to get caught up in the next couple of weeks.
If anyone is still reading this I was telling you about how Craig and I got together. I had just finished telling you about our first date (where Craig compared me to the rat from ratatouille) incredibly this led to a second date.
On our second date we went to the cinema to see the film Vantage Point. it was the first time I experienced Craig's driving- the less said about that the better.  Let's just say I am used to it now!
It was a good second  date. We got there early so sat in the bar bit and had a drink and a wee chat.  Then we had that awkward in the cinema do we hold hands moment and then we had a wee goodnight kiss.
We had a few more dates and of course as previously mentioned we worked together. We texted alot. I even got used to Craig's one word no kisses text replies (he has since been taught that putting kisses on texts to your girlfriend is ok and not putting kisses is more causes more trouble than it is worth).
Anyway, one day craig text me saying we need to talk. I was concerned. So I went to meet him after a riveting politics lecture to find out what was wrong.
Now craig is not the most talkative person at times. So upon meeting him that say it took a while to discover what he wanted to talk about. After some convincing I got the conversation out of him. here is how it went.
Craig: "So people at work have been asking me what we are doing?"
Me: "Right now? We are watching tv."
Craig: "I mean what are we doing, are we like going out?"
Me: "I don't know, are we?"
Craig: "Guess so."
I would like to point out it was cuter than that cause he was so embarrassed (actually I hope he doesn't mind me telling you this story, if you are reading this, Sorry Craig I love you!). But I would also like to point out that he never actually asked me to be his girlfriend. I tried and tried to get him to but he just wouldn't do it. I think it would have been nice if he had asked.
But anyway there it is, how Craig and I became boyfriend and girlfriend.
I promise I will continue this story much quicker than my most recent posts.

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