Friday, 24 February 2012

let's go back to the start part 2

I woke up the next day with a throbbing head. I had drunk too much the night before and as I lay in bed with the room spinning memories of my brother shouting " Get that chef off my sister" were returning to me. Oh dear goodness. 

I did not think"Oh dear goodness" because of Craig, no I thought this because of the torrent of abuse I knew I was going to experience the ext time I was working. Having a public snog at the staff party = bad idea.
But then I remembered he was going to text me, and I perked up a bit. I checked my phone and- nothing. But after all it was only 11am. I went for a life-saving bacon roll.
The day went on and I had to go into university (this proved a struggle due to my hang over) and then I headed home and had my dinner. Through all of this my phone remained silent. I gave up hope. He wasn't texting me. I was just going to have to avoid the kitchen for the rest of my time waitressing. Or maybe even change jobs. . .
But then, later that night. My phone beeped. It was Craig.
Now as I have discovered during our time together, Craig is the most unenthusiastic texter in the world. You are lucky to get one word and he does not do kisses.
So I got the first text which said something like "Hi. Hows you?" His enthusiasm was overwhelming.
Anyway, I replied and then we texted each other for about a week. In this time I returned to work and survived my first trip into the kitchen- although I seem to remember getting a round of applause and many, many jokes made. But I survived. Throughout our texting we had lots of chats but he never actually asked me to go out on a date. Until finally he asked and we arranged to meet that Friday for dinner.
I was late. Now I am not normally late- but on this occassion I was. So when I got off the bus I could see Craig pacing outside HMV clearly thinking he had been stood up. So we went for a few drinks first, then went to a restaurant for dinner and I drank red wine with him. I didn't have the heart to admit that  never drank red wine and the result was that I ended up very merry. I also had an ordering disaster and managed to get tagliatelle on the fist date- oh dear.
Later on in the evening it was drizzling and as Craig waited for a taxi with me he looked at my hair (which goes a bit mad in the rain) and said you know who you look like? I was excited- he is going to say something that is a massive compliment. I waited and he said... "You know that rat from ratatouille?"
WOW. He must be the only man on earth who thinks that comparing a girl to a rat on the first date is a good idea!! Bud despite this, I was smitten and was already looking forward to our second date. I just hoped it wouldn't take Craig a week to ask me again....

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