Monday, 20 February 2012

let's go back to the start

So, in my recent posts I have told you about how I have just bought my first flat with the lovely Craig. Now I realise that my blog has focused more on what has been happening now and not so much on any history and so I thought I would take it back a bit for you and tell you the story of Craig and I, how we met and how, four years later we are moving in.
So first off, how Craig and I met.
As you might be aware, during university and when I was a senior in secondary school I waitressed part-time. My first ever waitressing job was in a fancy hotel. It was in this hotel that cakegate happened- the time I dropped the birthday cake which I talk about in a previous post.
Anyway, working as a waitress you meet many interesting people including chefs. Now the first time you enter the kitchen it is quite scary. It is loud, hot and often seemingly chaotic. It took me a long time to get comfortable around the chefs in my first job. They can be nice as pie one minute then screaming at you the next.
So I was a little shy around the chefs at first but gradually I got comfortable and started to have banter and made some good friends. So I worked at my first job for many years and after a year a new chef started. He was lovely- quite quiet but I found him easy to talk to. Now on one night out I ended up chatting to him for ages in the casino about how I was off men (this was just at the start of my first year of uni). You need to remember this chat because I will bring it up again later on.
Anyway so the new chef- who in case you haven't guessed is Craig- became good friends with my brother who also worked at the hotel. We went out in a group a few times and became good friends. Then in January 2008 Craig took 6 weeks off work to have surgery on his knee and I missed him at work. Then in February it was the staff Christmas party. This was always a messy event. So we got all dressed up and headed off to a hotel for a night of drinking and more drinking.
To my surprise Craig was there. I hadn't thought he would make it because of his knee, but he did. So after the meal we ended up at the bar doing shots of tequila (I think) and then we started talking and we continued talking all night.
We ended up in Espionage and we were at the bar- he turned to me and asked me what I wanted to drink and I planted one on his lips. Oh yes our first kiss was very classy and was in Espionage. Then we continued to have a wee kiss- one of my coworkers sat next to us shouting "SNOGGERFACES!"

Ultimately we ended up in a kebab shop still kissing when my brother came in and said: "Ahhhh why is that chef kissing my sister?!" We headed home- Craig wouldn't give me his jacket even though I was freezing, I have since trained him better and I get the jacket everytime- and just before I got in a taxi I grabbed his phone and typed my number in and told him to text me the next day and I headed home with a grin on my face. All I had to do was hope he got in touch. . .

That's all for now,

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