Thursday, 12 April 2012

Love letters/how do you know

The first Birthday that Craig and I spent together as a couple I had an exam and then was flying to Uist for a wedding.
It was my 19th Birthday and after a fabulous pirate and princess themed party- where the wonderful Alison was the only princess- where I am fairly sure I broke my little toe doing a kamikaze style role I spent the week leading up to my Birthday studying.
The night before my Birthday Craig came round to the house laden down with presents for me. These presents included chocolate, alcohol, perfume and a big teddy bear (Who some of you will know as Craggly bear).
The next day after my exam I got on a train to Glasgow with Becca. We were going to a friends wedding in Uist and had to fly from Glasgow airport the next day at like 5 in the morning- YAWN.
Needless to say we did not get much sleep. We stayed with Alison in halls and so we set off to the airport the next day after about 3 hours kip.
We got to the airport and were faced with a very small plane. More of a match-box than an plane. Now Becca doesn't like flying so she was a little nervous. Hell, I like flying and I was a little nervous.
We got on the plane and were told we had to swap sides so the weight was even on the plane- yes this really helped Becca's panic.
But I am glad to say we survived and landed safely (once the runway was clear of sheep that is!)
Now Uist, for those of you who don't know, is a small island off the West Coast of Scotland. It is quite remote and so I was worried i wouldn't have any phone signal. Now at this point Craig and I were firing off many texts a day to each other and talking on the phone every night, so i had spoken to him about this and we both accepted that for the weekend I was probably going to be unreachable.
So I got to the hotel where my brother Ian and our friend James was waiting. When we checked in the reception woman was like oh Miss Stokes I have something for you and handed me an envelope.
Now I had no idea what this was. I don't know anyone on Uist. Confused, I opened it and inside was just about the cutest thing in the world.
It was a letter from Craig. he was worried about not being able to contact me so he had tracked down what hotel I was staying in (which was impressive as even I didn't know the name till Becca told me) and sent it so i would get it on arrival there.
That is the moment I knew.
Anyway I think that is all for the history of Craig and I. So in the next few posts I will bring you back up to date with the big move.
Oh and the wedding in Uist was great. it is a beautiful place which is definitely worth a visit- just watch out for the sheep on the runway.
Kisses Fi

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