Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Last week

Hello gorgeous reader,

Since you last heard from me I have been a busy bunny (I hope you haven't missed me too much.) Last week was amazing, I travelled with my auntie to Glasgow to see Take That at hampden, It was AMAZING! I wont bore you for too long with the details but the concert definitely lived up to my expectations and if I got the chance I would go back tomorrow. I would also like to point out that Jason Orange is absolutely gorgeous, yum yum yum. And hearing Take That sing Never Forget was definitely a highlight of my life. It was amazing!!

After Take That I travelled from Glasgow to Edinburgh for a night with five of my favourite people in the whole world to go to a fashion show. The six of us stayed in a hostel (I do not think I am a hostel person, the one we stayed in was damp and sleeping in a room with stranger gives me the heebie jeebiez!) Anyway, after checking into the hostel and getting ready, which was quite eventful in the room we were in with only one mirror and not a-lot of floor space, we headed out in search of food. As we walked along the road a girl behind us shouted on me to stop when I did, she kindly informed me that I had been walking through Edinburgh with my dress tucked into my pants. Not my finest moment.

But anyway, as I said, we went in search of food however due to the time it took us to get ready and our hunter gatherer instinct was way off. So after a fruitless search we had a very classy dinner in a wee pie shop, which was delicious, but sadly involved no cocktails. After our dinner of pie and irn bru, we headed to the fashion show. This was my first fashion show, and most importantly my very dear friend leeanne was showing her work there. It was incredible, I cannot believe she made all of those outfits on her own, it was incredible and showed me what I already knew, that my friend leeanne is a very talented lady.

We then spent the remainder of the night laughing, drinking and just generally having fun. We were only away for one night and it reminded me of something which I think I often take for granted. I am very lucky and gifted to have such amazing friends. A wise person once said, a friendship is not measured by how close you are, but how far apart you can be with things staying the same. I honestly believe that the 5 people I spent my night in Edinburgh with will be with me for the rest of my life. They are 5 truly amazing people and I feel truly lucky and gifted to have them all in my life.

But enough of the soppy stuff, I have had an amazing week. In fact, I have had an amazing month which has left me feeling pretty good about life. I hope you are as happy as me at the moment.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A week of firsts

I have had quite a week this week and now that I have a moment to catch my breath I will tell you all about it.

My first first in my week of firsts was on Tuesday when I got my first tattoo. I will admit to being a little nervous before hand cause I thought it was going to hurt a-lot. But turns out that getting a tattoo is not sore like stubbing your toe is sore, it is more irritating and hot like something you want to swat away. But it was well worth the hour of irritation because I love it! So this was my first first of the week.

After getting my tattoo I had to patiently wait for my university degree classification to be posted. This is a terrifying experience. I think I almost created a ditch in the floor walking back and forward waiting for the arrival of two of my fabulous uni friends. Finally, they arrived and we headed to the wall. It took us a minute to find the list and then, there was a deafening silence while we read the list and then (now I really hope that there wasn't an exam going on somewhere) there were screams and shouts some of which I am fairly sure only dogs would hear. Basically we all did very well. I,  incredibly, got a 1st. I still cant believe it. When I started uni never in my wildest dreams did I think I would do that well. I am still delighted over the whole thing, but also I feel truly blessed by the reactions of all my family and friends, you are all amazing and I honestly could not have survived the past four years without you. So this was my second first of the week.

Later that night I celebrated had had my first shot of tequila rose, which is delicious by the way! And we danced the night away celebrating our success and discussing how Take That's Never Forget relates to our lives right now!

Finally, my last first came yesterday when I got offered and accepted my first journalism job. Yes, someone wants to pay me to be a journalist- AMAZING! I start in July and do not worry dearest reader, I will keep you updated on my adventures as a crack reporter. Am off to buy my mac and trilby next week in preparation for being a real journalist.

So as you can see, it has been a very exciting week for me and now, to be honest, I am quite tired. But it has been an amazing week, I feel so lucky and would like to thank you all for being there with me for the ride!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Life after exams

At 1pm on the 16th of May I laid down my pen, rolled my shoulders and heaved a mighty sigh of relief. I had just completed my last ever university exam (unless I failed it, but I don’t want to even think about that.) It was an epic exam and so after it I reached into my hand bag and pulled out a kit-kat chunky and tasted the sweet chocolate taste of victory. Then my fellow journalists-in-training  and myself went to the pub. I stayed there for the next two weeks.

Ok so not quite the next two weeks but with the weather being nice and my newfound freedom from dissertations and studying I did spend a-lot of time in beer-gardens. When I was not sampling fruit and potato based drinks, I discovered the joys of day-time tv. You can ALWAYS find a CSI on. After a month of daily CSI I now have an irrational fear of murder, however I am fairly certain that I could in fact solve my own murder after hours spent watching Grissom and his bugs. I also discovered bondi beach, which is awesome it’s like real life Baywatch in Australia. I have laso spent a-lot of time reading, working my way through my pile of books which would be too distracting when I was ‘studying’.  As well as catching up on books I spent a-lot of time catching up with friends which has been fabulous. Some nights I have been waitressing, trying to make some pennies.
But, loyal reader, I know what you are thinking, this just sounds like she is continuing to live like a student. I fear this is true. There is very little mention of my job hunt or making any sort of positive move on employment. I have been applying for jobs. In fact, I have an inbox of emails explaining that I do not have enough experience. Next letter I get which says this, I am going to write back explaining that I will never get experience until someone gives me some. This is one of my pet hates at the moment. My other is that when I tell people I am going to graduate they ask; any plans for after that? And then oh so how is the job search? Well, if it is 2pm on a Tuesday and I only just rolled out of bed let me give you a clue. No, I do not have a plan and clearly the job hunt is not going well otherwise I would be showered and at a job.

The truth is I finished school and went to university I was going to be a student. But I never really considered what would happen after that. It seemed so very long away. I guess I assumed I was going to get a job as a journalist and maybe one day appear with a bullet proof vest and a helmet in the middle of some war zone shouting over the sound of bullets. Then I would get my Nobel peace prize for the work I did whilst reporting from the Country. But now it is here and to be honest I don’t know what to do, and for a control freak like my-self this is a struggle. But I am ever optimistic that something will come along and I just keep repeating what my Great Granny D used to say, “If something’s for you it will no go by you.”

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Hello Intrepid readers,

So just a quick introduction, for those of you who don't know me my name is Fiona and on July 14th I will officially be the proud owner of an honors degree in Journalism (which I will be putting on my fridge next to my crayon art work). Therefore, soon I will have, after 2 years of drink and then 2 years of hard graft have my degree. There is now one thing which I need, and I am hoping it will not take me another four years, and that is a real job. So far this search is not going well. I have applied to lots of jobs, and not got any.
Therefore I thought to make sure the old writing skills don't get rusty I would start a blog. This idea comes from my boss-ish and friend (I think he is my friend) who I will not name, who keeps up a very amusing blog. Hopefully he is reading this now and if not its a little rude as I always read yours! Anyway, I will keep you updated on what is going on and give you all an insight into life after the degree.
Speak to you soon