Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A serious note

I know that I normally fill my blogs with random musings and stories from my life which I hope you find amusing. However today I am going to write the blog on a more serious note. If you are thinking, oh no don't do that, I would suggest you skip this blog and wait for my next (hopefully) witty installment about the life of fi. But if you are prepared for something a little different then read on.
When he was interviewed on Friday, just hours after Norway came under attack, the mayor of Oslo, when asked what he wished he could do for the children on Utoya island he replied with, I wish I could be there right now and stand in front of them and get shot instead. This was met by a stunned silence from the interviewer. Stunned not only over such an honest response by a politician, but also because of the weight of his response, he wanted to die in their places.
At the same time as this interview took place, holidaymakers near the island where the shooting was happening were taking their boats out into dangerous waters to rescue the people caught up in the violence.
Meanwhile on the island hundreds of children were hiding from a man with a gun. Stories have emerged of children hiding under the bodies of their friends and under beds for hours because they feared for their lives. There are also tales of the survivors then helping the wounded after it was all over. The victims have since then spoken out about what happened, and thousands have marched through the streets, standing up in defiance against one mans hate.
Many people will say that the last week in Norway has been a week of fear and violence. But when I look at what happened I see bravery. So often at times of great human suffering the stories which emerge are those of horror, and what is lost is that those involved are often so courageous and at times like these, it is not only the worst aspects of human nature which emerge, but also the best.
I always remember watching 9/11 I sat staring in absolute horror at what was happening. I saw the firemen and other civilians who, whilst people were running away to escape the buildings, were running the other way. They were the brave people who were trying desperately to save lives. I remember thinking I cant believe it they are going towards the danger - They ran into the fire.
Every act of terror is aimed at somehow making a statement, or destroying a country. Yet what I see, is that yes people die and it is horrific, but also so many come out stronger than before, because regardless of how horrible and evil a person is, I still believe there is more good in the world and that is why whenever something terrible happens you will always see someone who runs into the fire. This gives me hope.
So I know that it has been a sad week, and I hope this blog finds you all safe and well wherever you are.
I promise my next blog will provide some comedy relief.

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