Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I'm a professional. No really, I am!

Since starting my real job, I have been feeling quite grown-up and have been attempting to act all professional and like I know what I am doing.
Sadly however, the power of thought seems unable to overcome my clumsiness and general lack of ability at life and as a result I have had some truly whopping moments so far.
One of these moments came in my second week working as a reporter, I was returning from being out at a story but I could not get the office door open (In my defence it is quite stiff) a man at reception had to come and open the door for me and said, "have you never opened a door before?"
He then asked "If you are here with a story for the paper just let the receptionist know and she will get you a journalist" He clearly assumed I had never been in the building before because well, lets face it, I was defeated by a door. So I told him, "Erm actually I am one of the reporters" and decided to scuttle upstairs and hide under my desk, however fate was against me and what I did instead was walk into the pull door and almost fall over. This is the first event which ruined my ability to look professional.
The next event happened, once again on a job where I was getting in my car to leave the job and I stalled twice and then reversed instead of going forward, this would have been fine had the people I was photographing not decided to come up to the car and give me a cheery good-bye.
Then whilst out on a story, I triumphantly pulled out my notepad, ready to get my shorthand on, I looked all impressive and ready for action when I noticed. hanging out the back of my notepad an empty crunchie packet...
As well as having general issues functioning on day to day events I have also had some problems with the phones. Now the call transfer system is confusing and I transferred one guy back to myself three times before hanging up on him (If you are reading this I AM SO SORRY!)
But as well as the technology letting me down my complete inability to speak sense has also proved an issue with me leaving one poor man three numbers on his answering machine, with apologies in between as I got them wrong, and then afterwards I realised that actually NONE of the three combinations were right.
Then I have another issue, giving out my email address, people always double check the letters and you know when you go yes that is a for alpha for example, well I always come up with the most ridiculous examples and I said to someone the other day yes that is p for philharmonic, they must have thought what a twat.
But apart from this things are going swimmingly well.

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