Friday, 8 March 2013

You never know what's coming for you...

I really enjoy my job, I like writing and I like that I get to do different things every day- I never know where I will be, who I will meet or what I will cover.

But sometimes, when working as a reporter you have to get too close to tragedy- and it is weeks like this I wish I could curl up in a room and keep the world out.

This week has been one of those weeks. A toddler was hit by a car and killed in one of the areas we cover. It is the kind of story that comes in and your heart drops. I find it really hard writing an article filled with such tragedy.

It is hard. And it makes you think. All that kept going through my head this week was that when that family woke up on the morning of the accident it was just a normal day. They will have had breakfast and gone their separate ways. Not knowing that by dinner time their lives will have been changed forever. You never know what's coming for you.

It has made me realise that every time you finish your day and get to see the people you love is a blessing. Regardless of how grumpy or frustrated you are always tell your loved ones that they are that- loved. Take time out of your day to laugh, even if you feel like you are too busy. Because life is precious and short- and you will never have another day like today.

This week has been hard at work. But it is nothing compared to what the family of the little girl have gone through- or the driver who was involved in the tragic accident, what I have had to report on this week has been horrific. For some things there are no words.

So that has been my week- it has been a little sad. But also in amongst this sadness there has been good news. My spectacular grandpa had a successful operation and he is doing well in hospital- get well soon Grandpa!

And you'll all be pleased to hear that I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, some perfume, a card and was treated to a chinese and the Notebook for Craig and I's five year anniversary- so the week hasn't been all bad. But I find myself hoping that next week is better and there is some good news. I might try and get the front of the paper to be about bunnys or rainbows...... 


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