Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ch ch ch changes

As I write this Blog I am watching the Manchester United Real Madrid match on the telly, fresh from a 700 mile round trip at the weekend to watch Manchester United play Norwich in the Theatre of Dreams.

I know what you are thinking- has she gone football crazy, football mad- has football taken away the little bit of sense she had?

No, do not panic dear reader, I do not eat, drink and sleep football (however on earth you do that) but five years ago I started going out with a boy who is football crazy and as a result, five years later can often be found screaming "where is the ref" and jumping up and down like I understand the game...

This for me is a big change- there was a time you couldn't pay me to watch football, unless Scotland were playing and I could get on the beers. But now I can quite often be found watching a match- this for me is a big change. Life is full of changes.

This weekend we celebrated our flanniversary (that's flat anniversary if you're unfamiliar with the term). Yes, that's right Craig and I have now been living together for one year- can you believe it?! Now living together is a big change!

The flat has changed since we moved in a year age. The other day we were looking at the pictures from when we bought the flat and I can't believe the difference. We have really turned it into a home and I love living here.

Living together also means big changes in your relationship, and after our first year of living together I have realised a few things.

1- no matter how often you tell them, shout at them, throw the towel at them and use bad words- Men still insist on leaving their wet towels on the bed (I apologise for the generalisation here, maybe not all men but certainly my man does)
2- if one of you likes margarine and the other one likes butter it is an issue that will never be resolved
3- it's never ok to pee with the toilet door open
4- sometimes you have to let things go
5- you will both always have things the other person does that drives you nuts (see number 1)

That aside, living together is a big change and adjustment- even the most level headed couples can lose the plot. Our first big fight in the flat was over craig not believing I could paint a roof. This resulted in me screaming at him and storming off to the toilet where I locked myself for a good 15 minutes. Not my most dramatic exit...

So yes, living together is an adjustment and it can be hard but it is worth it. I love knowing that whatever we are doing that day we will go to bed together every night and in the morning we will wake up together and I love that this flat is the start of our lives together. Now if I can just sort out that towel issue it will all be hunky dorey.

This week we also celebrate our five year anniversary, yes Craig and I started going out when I was still the tender age of 18.

I am hoping for a romantic breakfast in bed to celebrate the event- but considering Craig forgot Valentine's Day I am not holding my breath.

Let's just hope it goes better for us than the match tonight did for Man Utd...

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